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Modification of Orders - Fort Bend County

Has the agreement you made regarding your children during your divorce become unworkable?  Has your situation changed so dramatically that you need to take action and seek a modification?  Have you or your children’s other parent found that your previous agreement just doesn’t make sense anymore?  Do you live in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, Pecan Grove, Richmond, Rosenberg or surrounding areas or communities?

Often, agreements or orders that seemed to make sense at the time no longer work for you or your children. Modifications of previous orders is common when parents cannot agree.  Do not think you are the only person in that situation.  When you need to make a change, seek the advice of counsel.  As a Fort Bend County family law attorney, I can help you navigate through this situation.  I can help you ensure that your rights and your children’s lives are protected.  

Most of the time, a modification happens when parents disagree about how to proceed.  Some of the time you cannot even have a conversation with the other parent.  If you and the other parent cannot agree, don’t just give up or give in.  You do not have to be bullied or manipulated.  Let me help you understand how to take control of the situation.  Call me for a free initial consultation at 832-715-6858.    

Modification of Orders

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