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Divorce - Fort Bend County

The Law Office of Jill Vereb handles family law cases involving divorce. Whether a marriage is for a short time or long time, whether the marriage occurred in Texas or abroad or whether there are children involved requires a careful consideration of the facts.

If you or your spouse currently reside in Fort Bend County or Harris County, you will want a divorce lawyer that practices family law there.  My suggestion is to meet with a family law attorney to discuss your options even if you are only considering getting a Fort Bend divorce or Harris County divorce.      

Understandably, many people have questions related to divorce, such as:

How long will a divorce take?

Will I have to go to court?

Can I keep or who gets the house?

How much will a divorce cost?

Will I be able to continue to see my children?

All of the above are serious concerns that are answered during the divorce process.  Don’t leave these important questions and your future to chance. Choose your representation wisely.  Please look at the About page to learn more about me.

“Let us help you navigate through your legal needs.”