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Child Custody - Fort Bend County

Fort Bend Child Custody

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Child custody means something different to each person.  Most people want to know how often they will see their children once they are divorced.  Some want to know what sort of decisions they can make for their children after divorce.

Most families will be able to follow the Texas Standard Possession Order (SPO) when it comes to time with the children.  The SPO provisions can be found in the Texas Family Code Section 153.   Some families are able to reach decisions that modify the SPO.  

Decisions made for the children after divorce are determined by conservatorship rights.  Generally, conservatorship is a term used in Texas to determine what rights and duties a parent has with respect to a child.  These vary depending on your situation and whether you are obtaining a divorce or if you are seeking a modification to your divorce.  Other situations include if you are establishing paternity or other aspects of child custody.  Typically, one parent has the exclusive right to determine the primary residence of the children.  That same parent will also have the right to receive child support on behalf of the children.   Whether you are in seeking a Fort Bend County family law lawyer or a divorce lawyer; take a look at provision 151 of the Texas Family Code.

As a divorce attorney in Fort Bend County, Texas and also in Harris County, Texas; I can help you understand the provisions established in the Texas Family Code.  I can help you make decisions based on your specific, unique situation.  For instance, maybe you are getting a Fort Bend County divorce and think you could be moving outside of Fort Bend County in the near future. If you were to move to Harris County, would that affect your time with your children?  I can help you to effectively plan for these possibilities.

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